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Mouth Guards

Mouth guards serve as excellent protection for your child and their smile! When participating in contact sports, pediatric dentists highly recommend wearing a mouth guard . While in active treatment, patients can use a soft mouth guard that covers the upper arch including the fixed braces and bands. Our suggestions is to purchase a formable appliance that can be reformed as the teeth align.

Custom Fit Under Armour Mouthguards

Our recommended appliance, UA ArmourFit™ Mouthguard, is available in our office. The UA Braces Mouthguard can be ordered online or at your office visit!

After treatment success, patients can order a custom fit mouth guard which forms exclusively to the shape of the arch and is not adjustable. This appliance is ordered from UnderAmour Bite Tech Lab therefore it requires 2 visits

First, a pre-fit visit to take record of the upper arch for submission

Then a fitting visit a few weeks later

Take advantage of the ArmourFit™ technology- with or without braces!

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